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Hey Happy People.... (Long echo....)

This year was very quiet on DA, I am truly sorry I neglected you my friends, if I missed your art update, please send me a message! 

I actually spent a lot of time sketching this year. I enjoyed the challenge of the commissions, I really pushed myself and noticed my work looks a lot different now to what it looked like at the beginning of the year. So I'm really pleased with the result!

Now this might sound contradictory, I think though that I have made my work too boring.

So from now on, I'm going to do things a little more risque. I feel that while I pushed myself, my subject matter was not that interesting for you guys. So with this in mind I'm going to rip up the carpets, fire the rockets of inspiration, and push out something with a little edge soon.

Now about the games I played this year...

I tried the new DOOM, and I'm sorry, the game just feels very boring and repetitive. They missed the boat on the story too, it feels totally different from Doom 3, I much preferred Doom 3, much better mood and story. 

Halo 5 was pretty good, the story not as good as Halo 4, but I really liked the environments and mood created. 

Dark Souls 3, wow, what a game, I only just killed Iudex Gundyr, damn it's such a hard game, but really rewarding when you kill your enemies. Each and every encounter even against minor enemies is so riveting! 

Enjoy your holidays guys =) 
Damn, I grew up with this game, it's now 20 years old...
Just watched it on YouTube and it still looks damn fun!

The music still is kinda cool =) Well, I guess we have the new DOOM game now.
I have not played yet, waiting for the price to come down a bit, it's so expensive =) 

Anyway, if you don't know what Quake is, check out this video, the graphics are old but the gameplay still really fun =)

I am working on a commission right now, that's why it's been so hella quiet, actually two commissions but for one person =)

Take care everyone! =)

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Yes, that's right! I am getting Married on Sunday 14th June, 2015! To my Baby! :iconjoharat: Wooo! =) 

It seems like forever since I last updated here. Life seems to keep me so busy these days. I sketch every day in my sketch book though, even if it's just a few minutes or a quick scribble. I hope to post some more Realm of Aiiee art soon, as well as some more Commissions! Yes, you heard that right, one of my goals is to man up and finish them! =)

Anyway, I have a new website over here -
No more 3d work, as that is old hat, and I should probably get to grips with Unreal Engine 4 when I have time, but that seems unlikely right now.

I have also been updating my sketchbook here -

I have been playing a really cool game called Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan, take a look, it's pretty cheap off Steam -…
What I like most about is the awesome art work in the game! =)

I hope to get some more time to play Path of Exile as well...

Annnyywaay =)

Lots of love to everyone!

Keep well for now =)
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My last update was 11 August 2013, last year already! Hard to believe over a year has passed! A lot of my friends from various art sites have disappeared or are no longer updating their galleries. I guess people change, move onto other things or no longer have time for art.

Since my last update, I feel way more confident when approaching new work and my process in general. My drawing always needs more work but I have been making progress on it! =)

Another change that's happened is that I feel much more motivated to draw now than when I actually worked in the art industry. I guess this means that I do not really fit well with doing art for a living, and rather I should make art for the main reason I got into art in the first place, and that's to have fun with my work and to express myself! =)

Therefore, one major change to happen is that I will only take on commissions that fit the style and mood of my work. I will return the points to people who I haven't finished yet, but will keep the commissions which match my work better. I hope that is ok! =) I will send you a note if you had a commission with me, not to worry! =)

So that's my new direction and I will continue to post up my work =) I thank everyone who supports my work! =) I also have a sketchbook on Tumblr - Art of Kungfoowiz if you want to take a quick look at what I am up to! =)

I thank my girlfriend :iconjoharat: who has supported and pushed me constantly this year to improve my drawing! =) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :iconlovebottleplz:

Cheers for now! =)
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Hey guys! Sorry for leaving for half the year (yip, I counted I've been away for nearly 6 months!).

I've been very busy working on our new game world with my girlfriend Johara. It's called Realm of Aiiee! It's about a Princess who is bold yet nave. She spurns the love attempts of Baurzhan, the sorcerer who lives on top of the Murmouring Mountains to the North. Baurzhan is angry at the Princess for rejecting him, he storms from her room in the Palace. He kidnaps her, but in doing so, he cannot love her, save to look at her every day in his Castle in the Murmouring Mountains.

I'm also deeply in love with this girl, she is so awesome - :iconjoharat: =)

And I'm drawing every day still. I will be finishing MA Animation soon, thank god, it's been so tiring/boring, maybe a bit exciting, but not much if I'm really honest.

I'm also starting a new job on Tuesday, going to be working at my Uni as a paid job! Yaay!

Well, I hope to show some new arts, please check out my gallery :iconkungfoowiz:. I've still been sketching, check out my weekly (or not so) sketchbook as well -

Thank you


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Thank you to everyone who has ever given me encouraging comments, favourited my work or inspired me in other ways.

Although I may not have commented on or watched your work, if you comment on my work I will always look at your work.

I recently started up a Facebook "Page" as another way to show my work. I want to show a different kind of work on there. Take a look if you have a moment.

Last night, I managed to finish reading the first book of the Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring) by Tolkien. It's taken me three years to read it. I started it when I did my BA Game Art course.

Sometimes taking a step back allows you to finish the things you really want to do. I've now started reading The Two Towers, the second book.
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A friend from years ago messaged me last night. I haven't talked to him in freaking ages! This was my reply to him when asked about what I've been doing with myself:

Strangely, I somehow feel honoured to be stalked. Thanks man, I appreciate your interest in my work.

Tbh, it's been so long since we last spoke, that I've actually forgotten your name? Sorry about that.

Well, there's no easy way to explain this but I've been drawing. I decided to start drawing one day. That was 5 years ago in May 2008, just after my birthday.

I failed at life. I failed at school. I lost all my friends from school, who by now were all in awesome jobs and earning great money. I was washing cars and working night shifts at a service station. It was as if all my dreams had somehow faded away into the night. I didn't know where to go or what to do.

One night, I picked up a pencil, it was blunt, but I started drawing, I didn't know how, I eventually managed to do this stupid little drawing, but I felt inspired and motivated by this man's work - Graven Tung

Over the summer, I frantically started painting. Then I started drawing from a bunch of anime books. That was for like a year.

At the end of 2008, I started looking around at what to do with my art. I decided to do a game art course. As it turned out, the course was nothing I had expected it to be. But I stuck with it because I made some great friends there. It was three long years of self taught drawing. I didn't like anything I created during that time. My best friend Taylor showed me CA sketchbooks. It was as if a light had switched on inside of me.

I promised Taylor that I would practice and get as good as those guys. I was so fired by one artist, Algenpfleger aka Hannes. I knew then that I wanted to be an artist. But I didn't know how to draw or how he became so damn good.
All I knew was that if he practiced every day and got that good, then it was good enough for me.

Every day, I draw, have loads, and I mean SHEDLOADS, of fun, and then go to sleep, wake up the next day and do the same.

I have no regrets. My art is my life.

PS - I can't believe I just sat through Django Unchained, what a terribly disturbing movie.
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Update - Turns out I won't be playing video games any time soon. Have to work on my animation project. Sorry guys.

Hey Guys!

Quick update for the holidays! Will keep this short n' sweet, I know you guys want to play video games!
This past month, I had a LOT of help from Joseph Sapulich, check out my blog for more details if interested -

I finished another painting, will post it up soon!

Okay that's it! Happy Holidays everyone! May your dreams for 2013 come true!
Fine Art Prints -…
Blog - http/
Sketch Book -
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From :icondckiq:

1. Answer 10 questions
2. Type out 10 more
3. Tag 5 people

My answers
1. Who would you rather do? Giorgio Tsoukalos if he actually controlled his hair, or Marylin Monroe in present day if she was still alive? (Yes she aged, but you can still close your eyes and imagine her in her golden years.)
ANSWER: I don't know who Giorgio Tsoukalos is, so I guess I'd do Marylin instead.

2. If you could punch someone in the face and break their nose, who would it be?
ANSWER: Myself.

3. Have you ever wondered what a Jehovah's Witness would actually say if you didn't close the door on them?
ANSWER: If they believe zombies exist! They do actually.

4. If you were to go to Mars to live there for one year and can only bring three personal items, what would they be?
ANSWER: Nothing, I don't actually own anything personal. At least nothing I regard as mine.

5. Describe yourself: If you were a dog, what breed would you be (Pug, Greyhound, etc.)
ANSWER: I'd like to be Joey from the movie War Horse. I hate dogs.

6. If an alien invited you to live with them on their planet, but you had to abandon everything on Earth, would you accept it?
ANSWER: Yes, I like travelling.

7. Do you liketh le Kiqki, me OC?
ANSWER: Yes, she has a wonderful personality.

8. What do you enjoy more? Fights at school, or YouTube comments?
ANSWER: I hated school, but I like answering Youtube comments.

9. Tell me a theory as to WHY Waldo avoids being seen.
ANSWER: Urban camouflage.

10. If you can go back in time to warn the government about 9/11 would you do it? (Paradox included.)
ANSWER: Wait, weren't they warned already!?

Now, my questions! *evil eye* :icongrin--plz:

1. Do you lick your fingers after eating chips / yummy food? =)

2. What's your favourite thing to draw? =)

3. Did you know if you throw your sandwich to birds they'll be your friend?

4. Do Ancient Ones exist?

5. Do aliens exist?

6. Do you like ice cream?

7. What happened to Kim Flowers?

8. Why is your art important to you?

9. What is your ultimate goal?

10. What's your favourite movie? Oh, and what's your all-time favourite song? =)

SO, I tag these awesome people, hopefully they will man (or woman) up! --> :iconwingsofdragons:, :iconnomad55:, :icontimliljefors:, :iconjhann:, :iconmutemutable:

Thank you =) Please message me when you've answered, or post your answers here =)

PS - You don't have to answer and you don't have to tag more people if you don't want to. It's up to you! But, I'd love to know your answers regardless =)
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Well hey, update for anyone interested, I've been learning a TONNE at work, I can't wait to start some personal works from all the stuff I've learnt there, I'm really amped to make a start on something new in my 3d work =)

I would like to keep up my practice in the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) cuz it's such an awesome awesome game engine, if you interested you can see my Undersea environment from a few months ago -…

So yeah today we visited Bristol Zoo (it's in the UK) and wow I've never been to a zoo before, yip it's sad but so much fun now that I went there. If you interested I did some sketches while there, they are quick because the animals are moving all the time so I tried to capture the essence of them. All are from life, except the first tiger which is why it's more detailed from ref.

As for my painting, I want to make fantasy pieces so that will be the focus of my work for the time being =)

Okay I think that's all for now, I hope you guys are keeping well =) Cheerios =)
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Heeey! =)

Well.. you guys I know I went to the exhibit last week! Well, the student works there were so good, so I was just happy to show my stuff and get people's feedback which was very nice =) So much awesome work it was very inspiring! =)

Spent the day in London and went to see the new 'Shard' building, not sure if I really like it, it kinda looks like Isengard =) Lollies =)
And we also went to see the Singer Sargent paintings in the national gallery, omg so inspiring! :icongrin--plz:

Also managed to get a job in 3d modeling in my area, which is nice because I don't have to travel very far, and also there is a nice walk through the woods on the way to work which is such a nice way to start the day =) So yah, I've been practicing 3d in Maya as they use that at the company, previously I was using 3DS, but I'm kinda liking Maya.

You may also notice some new pieces in my gallery coming soon. I've been trying to work on larger, more detailed pieces and generally trying to make some finished pieces.

If you don't know, I keep a sketch book on Tumblr, please take a look if you're interested to see my weekly sketches =)

Okay guys, I think that's all for now, I hope your works are going nicely, please leave me some loving if you have time.
Keep well for now and cheers =)
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Hey Guys =)

So as you guys know, I finished university a few weeks ago. Since then I've just been practicing my stuff on my own time whilst trying to get a job in retail, which is proving to be very difficult atm.

Today, I get an email from Uni saying that I've been chosen to exhibit my work in London! WTF!!?? Well firstly I'm really shocked because I didn't think my work was good enough to be exhibited. Also I don't think my work has really been fully finished off either, so I'm kind of reluctant to actually show it to anyone.

On top of this, the deadline to submit the showcase for our work is just a few days away, Monday being the latest deadline.

I'm really torn about whether I should do this, I've looked at some of the other students work and their stuff all seems very polished and finished. I feel like this is a great opportunity but I have almost no time to prepare for it.

What do you guys think?

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Well hello there =) Pretty much what it says on the tin =) If you would like a feature then please let me know and I'll put you up here. Will choose my favourite pieces from your gallery =)

Also if there is anything special you would like me to say then please let me know. Cheers =)

:iconeniat: - Eniat

Awesome artist, got to get as good as you =)

:iconrachelfaces: - Rachel

Crazy but cool =)

:iconnomad55: - Roger

Nice pencils =)
Hey Guys =)

Summer last year I helped review the book (which is FINALLY published now!) - UDK Game Programming with UnrealScript - by Rachel Cordone

If you're interested in getting into games for Unreal (UDK) then treat yourself to this practical learning book!

You will learn how to make basic games using the popular and very easy to use Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

The Unreal UDK Kit can be downloaded here -

Also, I found 3DMotive and Eat3D particularly helpful for learning Zbrush, UDK, and texturing =)

3DMotive -
Eat3D -

Enjoy! =)

UDK Game Programming with UnrealScript - by Rachel Cordone

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Meeow meeow =) Been a tiring year.. =) They were fun times but glad to put this year behind me =)

Sorry for late Christmas wishes to you guys =) Hope you having fun there =)

Here's some my works this year, many them were WTF moments for me, learnt lots =) Enjoys! =)




My goals are now to introduce more variety into my works and redo stuff until it's right. =)

Happy hols guys =) Have a nice time off and see you next year =) Unmeeow =)
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Hey Heey! =)

I'm soo sooo sorry! I tried to clear out my old gallery a few nights ago, and I thought by deactivating it, it would just clear my gallery. But it didn't quite go according to plan.. =( So I had to hand delete out all my old pieces! =) Meeep! =)

THEN I get a frantic email from Lois (:iconwingsofdragons:) (bless you!) =) and she asks me if I was upset or something, Lull! =) I'm soo sorry guys, I didn't mean to make hearts flutter there =)

Guess I should give you guys some advance notice on such things, I will do so in future! =)

So I've cleared out my old stuff, I'm tired of looking at it, and I'm pretty sure you guys are too, so no sense keeping it around.
However, I've kept a few snippets of my former self, they're in scraps, here:…
Just my first drawing and digital painting in there and anything I thought may be vaguely interesting.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank you guys for supporting me through everything =)

Onward to a better horizon! =) Cheers! =)
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Hey Guys and Girlz

Whoa.. okay.. time is slipping through my fingers.. 2010 just came and went.. can't really say I did much this year, just practicing to become better at art.

Here are some of the things which I've come up with which I should work on..

~ Life studies (Natural & artificial light at different times of the day in natural & urban places).
~ Faces (from life, reference, self portraits).
~ Construction (yip, I don't use construction, sucks doesn't it!).
~ Perspective drawing for environments (buildings in particular).
~ Form (flat surfaces and cube shaped things in particular).
~ Skin tones (explore different skin types).
~ Brush work (experiment and take inspiration from the Old Masters, Renaissance, Linda Bergkvist).
~ Proportion (perfect the basic shapes).

Writing these down so that I don't have an excuse not to do them.

Mmm, so that's a lot of stuff already and should pretty much take me well through 2011. =)

Okay guys.. hope you also have a plan to improve your art, or have fun with whatever it is you do. =)

Btw, Resident Evil Afterlife is an awesome movie, even if it was 'panned' by 'critics.' =)

Have a FUNTASTIC 2011! =)
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Well, the new year started off great! =) I managed to single-handledly delete all my digital copies of artwork from my computer, I'm such a clutz, oh well, maybe this has happened for a reason, aka I need to make more art and forget the past. So I'm trying to see this as a positive thing. =)

In other news, my resolution for 2010 is to produce more work in colour, whether it's sketches or otherwise, I basically need to play around more with colour than previously.

So here's to 2010, may the good outweigh the bad, and I hope your own dreams and aspirations may come true this year, and that you succeed in whatever it is that you put your mind to.

Keep well and take care! =)
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